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Tired of looking at that old car? We buy unwanted cars for cash, offering you a clean space and wallet!

As Perth’s preferred unwanted car buyer, we understand the frustration that comes with an unneeded vehicle, especially when you’re considering buying a used car and need to make space. It’s not merely an inconvenience; it’s a space-stealing relic waiting to be resolved. Our expertise as auto wreckers in Perth lies in swiftly converting these automotive burdens into financial advantages without the typical stress of private sales or scrapyards, paving the way for your next vehicle purchase.

Our streamlined process is designed with your time in mind. One call or a simple online request sets off your journey from clutter to clarity, facilitating the transition to a new, used car. We respond quickly, offering fair and competitive prices for every car, no matter its condition. Our full-service approach includes evaluation, offer, and pickup, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Let go of the weight of an unwanted vehicle. Clean driveways and a financial lift are nearer than you might think, creating the perfect setting for your next automotive adventure. Engage with our team, and turn your unwanted car into an asset today, making room for the used car that will better serve your needs.

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Turn Your Driveway Disaster into Dollars Today!

Who buys unwanted cars fast?
We do!
Don’t let that old clunker weigh you down any longer.<[/et_pb_text]

In the heart of Perth, we understand that an unwanted car can be more than an eyesore—it can be a constant, nagging reminder of something left undone. It sits there, taking up valuable space in your garage or yard, a relic that no longer serves its purpose. The pain of having to deal with such vehicles is all too common—a mix of sentimental attachment and the daunting prospect of removal. That’s where we step in. As Perth’s leading unwanted car buyer, we specialize in turning your automotive afterthoughts into financial gain.

We’ve refined our service to prioritize speed and simplicity because we know your time is precious. There’s no need to endure the frustrations of private sales or negotiate with scrapyards when you’re looking to “sell my car“. Our process eliminates the hassle. With just a simple call or online request, you can start the journey from clutter to clarity. Our team acts fast to provide a fair, competitive offer for your unwanted car, no matter the condition. We take care of everything, from evaluation to pick-up, leaving you with nothing but a cleaner space and a wallet that’s just as full.

Bid farewell to the burden of an unused car. The path to a clutter-free driveway and a boost to your finances is clear and closer than you think. Click below and let’s transform your unwanted car into an opportunity.


Where to Sell Unwanted Cars in Perth? Right Here, Right Now!

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Our process is quick, simple, and transparent.

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Even the most dilapidated vehicle parked in your driveway could be a hidden treasure waiting to be uncovered by the right unwanted car buyer. With our service, selling your car for scrap isn’t just a last resort; it’s an opportunity to make a tidy profit with minimal effort. It doesn’t matter if your car has seen better days or if it’s been labeled as junk; as a dedicated unwanted car buyer, we see value in every vehicle and believe that selling your car should always be rewarding.

We also understand that not everyone has the paperwork usually required to sell a vehicle. That’s why we, as your reliable unwanted car buyer, have developed a solution that aligns with motor vehicle standard laws and bypasses the headache of missing titles. Our legal team specializes in these situations, ensuring you can still sell your car for scrap and walk away with cash in hand, all above board and without any legal hassles.

By addressing common concerns like owning a non-operational car or lacking the necessary documents, we remove the barriers that can prevent you from freeing up space and accessing extra cash, all while adhering to motor vehicle standard laws. Don’t let a car that’s going nowhere keep you from moving forward. Instead, let us, your trusted unwanted car buyer, turn that stationary steel into mobile money. It’s time to upgrade from the owner of a liability to the possessor of a new asset.

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Explore the positive feedback from numerous contented clients who have utilized our services as Perth’s go-to unwanted car buyer, including our popular “cash for cars” program. These testimonials showcase the high level of quality and commitment to excellence that we, as a trusted car wrecker, consistently provide to our customers.

Just picked up my scrap Toyota with no wheels
the driver was polite and very competent.
Nice and easy transactions with the truck driver.
He got the car out without any damage to the concrete. Good experience, thank you.
Local business
Cash for cars Byford


Fantastic and efficient service. They paid a fair price with no hassle or tricks. The best part of their service was helping return a left item in the car. I expected to be fobbed off, but they were patient and showed care in returning the item.
Special thanks to Medi and Hadi.

Sold my old car for cash. Medi was quick and professional, He sent out a tow truck to remove the car this morning from Mandurah and put cash in my hand.
Thank you again Best Cash for Cars company
Highly recommended


The driver was polite
Removed our number plates
And gave me the quoted price
Nice company and on time arrived

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