How To Sell My Old Car for Cash

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Learn About All The Methods To Sell My Old Car for Cash

You know it’s time to sell the car when it breaks down in the middle of the road, and you have to tow it on your way back. Wondering how to sell my old car for cash? Keeping an old car might be holding a good amount of cashback. A lot more than you imagine.

However, the unfortunate bit is, selling your car can be frustrating and exhausting.

A seller naturally strives to get the best possible price in the shortest time. Unfortunately, this is not practical or attainable given the time-consuming procedures involved.

Let’s have a look at all the options available through which you can remove your vehicle.

1) Trade-Ins

That’s the quickest and most convenient way to sell cash for cars perth. Take your unwanted vehicle to a local dealer and trade it for a newer version. While you can get rid of your car with minimum hassle, most dealers will pay the bare minimum for your vehicle. And try to keep the most profit to themselves.

2) Salvage and Sell the Auto Parts

Ever come across some article or information on how to scrap my car for cash? That’s another way to dispose of your written-off, total loss or junk cars and trucks in terrible states.

Take it to a professional car wrecker or a nearby scrapyard/junkyard. You can either straight-away sell them your vehicle or get all the valuable auto parts removed for a fee. Keep or resell the working parts, sell the non-working and rusted ones to the wrecker, and adjust the payment accordingly. While the method is quick, it isn’t that rewarding.

3) Sell It Privately

Private selling is a challenge in itself. And definitely, the most time-consuming of all. Perhaps, the only good part is personal selling will leave a good amount of cash in your pocket. Let’s quickly review the steps involved:

  • Get an Accurate Evaluation. Hire an Appraiser for the job or take it to a trusted dealer.
  • Use the estimate provided to set a reasonable pricing point according to the prevailing market rates. Make it affordable compared to a similar model.
  • Advertise your car online with high-resolution photos taken from a variety of angles. Take care of the background, and also make sure to take snaps in the early morning or late afternoon in subtle sunlight.
  • Deep clean the vehicle yourself or get it done by a professional. This will make your vehicle more photogenic and appealing to potential buyers when photographed.
  • Place your Advertisements in different Online Forums like Online Auctions, Car Selling Sites or Social Platforms.
  • Make yourself easily accessible so that buyers may contact you. And honestly, this is more complex than it sounds. Be prepared to deal with a flood of questions over call or text messages, late arrivals, no-shows, and disappointing offers.
  • Schedule Inspections and Test Drives. That’s quite frustrating. You might have to reschedule your plans or delay an outing on the weekend to cater to prospective buyers. And then test drive theft is another risk that tags along.
  • Next comes the negotiation round. The interested Buyer would eat your head to land a desirable offer.
  • When you settle on a price, it’s time you take a deposit and sign the receipt.
  • Set a time for payment and car pick-up.
  • If the vehicle is non-running, arrange for a reliable towing company.
  • Receive payment, and phew, you finally got rid of your car.
  • That’s certainly not the end. You need to rummage your drawers for all the vehicle documents. Also, be ready to make numerous trips to a nearby DMV Office to complete the Transfer-work.

Last, sit back and pray for all the hard work and tireless efforts to bear fruit. Because, well, there is no just guarantee with private sales. (Pun intended!).

4. Donate It

Finally, donate your vehicle to a charity if you are not interested in making money. This will also waive all tax liabilities.

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Checklist After You Sell your Old Car for Cash

We have compiled all the essential points and tips you must remember to complete before selling top cash for cars perth.

  • Keep track of the payment deposited and the remaining dues. Get the receipt signed by the Buyer for the balance amount.
  • Transfer the Registration, keep the notice of disposal slip, and give the Transfer of Registration to the Buyer (if selling privately).
  • Compile all the Original Documents and Accessories that came with the vehicle, including:
  1. Warranty Document (if the dealer or manufacturer’s warranty still applies to the car).
  2. A Pair of Spare Keys or Remote
  • The Owner’s Manual and the Logbook and Service Booklet.
  • Remove all your personal belongings from the vehicle, including the e-tag.
  • Remember to inform your Insurance Provider. Cancel the policy or renew it on another vehicle.
  • If the Old Car was listed on the toll account, remove it or add your new car.

When Is The Best Time To Sell My Car for Cash?

Like there is a better time to buy a car, there are times that present a better opportunity to sell a vehicle. Not only can you make the most money from the deal, but you will also be able to sell your car with the least hassle and stress.

  1. Spring: Early summers are also a great option when most Aussies are planning road trips or family vacations.
  2. Summers: Compared to winters, summers are a good option to sell as there is no fear of snow clogging the pipes or choking the exhaust.
  3. Near Christmas: The demand for vehicles is higher near the most-awaited time of the year. It is a major gift-giving season and a time for family reunions, trips, and friend hangouts.

The Pros and Cons of All Methods: A Summary

Here is a quick round-up of all the car selling methods.


Trade Ins  Quick



  Doesn’t Pay Much

Chances of Getting Scammed or Tricked

Selling to Wreckers  You get to use all the Working Auto Parts  Time Consuming

Involves A lot of Physical Labour

Doesn’t Pay Much

Online Auctions  Easy and Quick

No Need for Negotiations

  Entry Fee is Charged

Commission is also Applicable

Need to clear the Taxes and Complete the Registration Transferwork

Private Selling   Helps you get the Cash of your Choice  Mentally and Financially Draining

Need to Pay For The Repairs,         Advertisements. Towing, and   Transferwork

Risk of Test Drive Theft


A Complete Headache and Hassle

Be Prepared for Haggling,   Attending Calls and Scheduling   Meetings

Best Cash 4 Carz  Hassle-free and Quick

Same-day Pick-up

Instant Payment

Licensed and Secure Car Buyer

No Hassle of Advertisements, Repairs, or Towing Fees

No Hidden Charges

Sell Your Car From Home in 24 Hours

Cash for All Makes and Models.

Eco-friendly Practices

And the list goes on….

  Just that we don’t buy Luxury Vehicles


Opt Wisely When Selling Your Old Car for Cash in Sydney

A car that doesn’t give out much is a total disappointment. And it’s alright if you decide to part ways. It is your absolute right to drive it out of the way.

The above article shed light on all the diverse options to sell your old car for cash. Each method has its own set of pros and cons.

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