An abandoned car has been standing on your property, looking like an eyesore for a long time. You haven’t been able to find trusted companies buying abandoned cars in Perth. What if we tell you there is a way to get cash for abandoned cars up to $9,999?

Yes, you can sell an abandoned car to us as we instant cash for cars Perth for all models and makes. But before buying, you have to take ownership of the car through legal procedure.

The process is not easy and can cost you time and money. This article helps you understand abandoned cars in Perth and how to deal with them in the Metropolitan area.

Let’s dive in.

What Is an Abandoned Vehicle

When dealing with an abandoned car, you must first understand which car qualifies as abandoned. A vehicle can usually be considered abandoned if it’s parked for an unusual time in the same spot.

There isn’t exactly a fixed duration of months or days after the vehicle is called abandoned. Typically, abandoned cars in Perth Metropolitan area are undrivable and unroadworthy for two reasons.

Maybe the car owner parked it in the same condition, or it became this way after he left it in that condition for this long.

But whatever the reason, if the car has been in a similar spot with considerable damage, you can consider it abandoned.

Considering this loose definition, you can spot or identify a vehicle as abandoned on your property or elsewhere.

What Vehicles Can Include Abandoned Cars in Perth

You can find the following vehicles abandoned in Perth:

  • Motor cars
  • Caravans
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Buses
  • Utes

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Why Do Some Car Owners Abandon Their Car

Whether a vehicle is brand new or old, it is definitely not cheap. So, why do people abandon their cars?

Have a look at some of the reasons why people would abandon their cars:

Not Possible To Tow

Maybe the car broke down in a faraway place, and towing seemed to cost an arm and a leg. The car owner may have been driving it cross-country, but towing it home would cost even more than the actual value of the car itself.

Fixing Is Expensive

Sometimes, car owners abandon their cars when they are no longer drivable, and it becomes costly to fix them. Some owners do not want to repair an old car if the cost of fixing it is almost the same as the car’s down payment.

This is why people abandon cars at auto workshops when they get a quotation higher than their budget.

Dead or Gone Car Owner

Sometimes, you will notice that the abandoned car is highly-priced. The reason may be high repair costs, or the owner may have died or left the country.

A Stolen Car Or Used In A Crime

A car sometimes gets abandoned by a person other than its rightful owner. Criminals usually steal vehicles and use them to commit crimes. After they have committed the crime, they dump the vehicle somewhere to cover tracks.

Is It Possible to Have Ownership of Some Abandoned Cars in Perth Standing On Your Property

It is an important part of the equation which you should know properly. You cannot simply take an abandoned car’s ownership just because it’s on your property.

Even if you own the property, you cannot assume that the vehicle is yours. And getting an abandoned car’s ownership is not as simple as you may believe.

You will find many abandoned cars in Perth and other parts of the country.

The same is true elsewhere globally, even in the most well-developed nations. Abandoned cars in Perth are a reality wherever you go, and even the ugliest and most rusted ones have a rightful owner.

In other words, the last person who owned the vehicle is the only person who can legally drive the car away or have it removed.

So, does it mean the car stays there forever? Luckily no, there are remedies to this stressful situation.

How To Legally Deal With An Abandoned Cars in Perth?

When you come across an abandoned car on your property, here is how to go about it. The first step is reporting the vehicle to the police and local government. They will then try contacting the car’s rightful owner.

But if some time passes and nothing happens, you can try to get rid of the vehicle through an auction.

However, you need to have the authority to go for an auction. Only after that can you sell it for parts, move away, or sell it to a local car dealer.

The procedure may differ depending on your city, but you must always report an abandoned or impounded vehicles to your local authorities.

Here’s What You Can Do With An Abandoned Car in a Caravan or Residential Park and Residential Area

The truth is, the process is not the same everywhere. It can vary depending on the local rules and how helpful your local authorities are.

  1. The Best-Case Scenario

You call a local towing company and request to take the abandoned car off your hands. They come and remove the vehicle.

However, not all car towing companies offer to remove abandoned cars in Perth. Most of them will only remove a car on the instructions of its legal owner.

The reason is that the company can land in hot waters if they are removing a vehicle without the permission of the owner, even if it’s on private property.

But if you find a towing company ready to help you, call them to remove the car, and that’s it!

  1. The Expected Scenario

The most likely scenario is that you report an abandoned car to your local authority. They will check the vehicle’s record and see if it was involved in committing a crime.

If the cars have been parked on public property, the local government will remove the abandoned cars in Perth Metro for you.

But if the car has an owner and he has parked on private property, their hands will be tied. They will have to trace and contact the owner and ask to remove the vehicle.

If no car owners claim the abandoned cars in Perth, as well as across the whole of Western Australia, take this next step.

  1. Get An Uncollected Goods Certificate

Your local government can give you an Uncollected Goods Certificate for abandoned and impounded vehicles. It may also be known as an Abandoned Goods Certificate in your area.

Having the certificate means you have the authority to remove the abandoned car from the property. However, the requirements for obtaining the certificate are different for different cities. For example, in some areas, you can get a certificate for an abandoned car that has been standing for over three months.

After you obtain the certificate, you should sell the car at auction and remove it from your private property.

Alternatively, you can sell us your abandoned car for cash in Perth after legal permission. We will offer same-day pickup and free towing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Abandoned Cars in Perth

Q1: How do I know if a car is considered abandoned in Perth?
A: A vehicle might be considered abandoned if it has been parked in the same spot for an unusually long time without being moved, shows signs of significant damage, or is unroadworthy. There’s no fixed duration, but these indicators can help you spot an abandoned car.

Q2: Can I claim ownership of an abandoned car on my property?
A: Claiming ownership of an abandoned cars in Perth isn’t straightforward. You must follow legal procedures, including reporting the car to the local police and possibly your local council. They’ll guide you through the necessary steps, which may involve attempting to contact the last known owner and possibly going through a process to legally claim the vehicle.

Q3: What should I do if I find an abandoned car?
A: If you stumble upon an abandoned cars in Perth, you should first report it to the local police or your city council. They’ll have the protocols to determine the next steps, such as attempting to find the owner or removing the vehicle.

Q4: Are there any costs involved in dealing with an abandoned car?
A: Costs can vary depending on the situation. If you’re looking to claim ownership, there might be legal fees involved. However, if you’re simply reporting an abandoned cars in Perth, there shouldn’t be any cost to you. Removal costs are typically managed by the local authorities or the new owner if the car is auctioned.

Q5: How long does it take to remove an abandoned car in Perth?
A: The time it takes can vary greatly depending on the case’s complexity, such as locating the owner and legal requirements. It’s best to contact your local authorities for an estimated timeline, as they can provide more specific information based on the situation and local regulations.

Q6: Can I sell an abandoned car for parts or scrap?
A: Yes, but only after you’ve legally obtained ownership of the car. Once you have the necessary legal permissions, you can sell the car for parts or scrap to a licensed dealer or wrecker like us, who can offer instant cash for cars in Perth, including free towing and same-day pickup for eligible vehicles.

Q7: What happens to the abandoned cars that are removed by the authorities?
A: Abandoned cars removed by local authorities are usually stored for a period while attempts are made to contact the owner. If unclaimed, the vehicles may be auctioned off, sold for scrap, or otherwise disposed of according to local laws.

Q8: Is there a hotline or website for reporting abandoned cars in Perth?
A: Yes, most local councils have dedicated hotlines or online forms for reporting abandoned cars in Perth. Check your local council’s website for the specific contact details or reporting procedures in your area.