Instant cash for cars Applecross

We buy cash for cars Applecross and around Perth. If you’d like, we can come to pick up your vehicle and pay you in cash on the spot. Today is finally getting rid of that old Car sitting in your driveway.

Premier car removals can pay TOP cash for vehicles Applecross, even if your vehicle is damaged, accident, old, unloved, or you want to trash it. If you had sold your Car to us, you might have received cash on the spot. In some cases, we’ve even been able to go from providing a price to picking up the vehicle in under 4 hours.

We provide the following services:

  • old car pickups;
  • paperwork is free;
  • service is quick;
  • vehicles are removed at no cost to you;
  • we pay top dollar on the spot for your Car.
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    Premier cash for cars Applecross provides services in the Applecross area of Perth, Western Australia. Sell your ute, truck, sedan, van, commercial vehicle, 4×4, or SUV to us and get paid cash! With our years of experience and industry connections as a fully certified used auto trader and member of MTA, we can provide our customers with the highest and best cash offer for removing their scrap cars.

    One of our skilled car appraisers will give you top money for your scrap car regardless of its age, condition, or make/model.

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    Instant cash for cars Applecross
    How do I sell my Car for cash?

    How do I sell my Car for cash?

    Step 1

    First, you fill out our Online Car Appraisal form (right here on this page!) or give us a ring at 0469 096 654 to request an estimate for your vehicle.

    Step 2

    If the amount of money we’ve offered is satisfactory, all you have to do is arrange a time for us to come and pick up the Car. Keep in mind that we’re available at any hour of the day or night.

    Step 3

    It’s as easy as step three. When we get there, we’ll load the vehicle ourselves. We will also take it to a salvage yard without charging you for the service. It’s a win-win situation that won’t cost you a dime.

    If you need your Car removed, why not go with the best in Applecross?

    Your scrap vehicle’s disposal is simple and stress-free with Premier Metals. Cars in any condition are welcome for removal from any location or building.

    The Best and Highest Cash for Cars Offers

    • Scrap cars are removed 24 hours a day,
    • seven days a week from all Perth suburbs
    • We are a licenced and insured automobile removal service that offers prompt and courteous service and expert scrap car removal Applecross.

    Our automobile removal service in Perth has been trusted for years.

    The Best and Highest Cash for Cars Offers

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